January 1, 2019
by Laundry Expert
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New Years Resolutions for your Home

It is that time of the year when the holiday season is coming to a close and we look ahead. A New Year is upon us and we are most likely looking at making some New Years Resolutions. A New Year presents to us an opportunity to begin anew. We have a clean slate in front of us and we want to make the best of it. Instead of making some huge resolutions or loads of them, how about focusing in on a few really good ones? Look for a couple of really good things you would like to change in the new year and focus your energy there. A good resolution to make concerns our home. These resolutions can help us stay organized, keep our laundry in Raleigh NC clean and fresh, save us time, and make for a more overall clean home. This will also save our sanity!

The best first resolution involves cleaning your home room by room. We are talking about a deep cleansing here. Top to bottom of each room. It is important to only do one room at a time. This will keep you from becoming too overwhelmed. We suggest beginning with the living room since that is where the clutter of Christmas is. If you have not already taken down the decorations then begin there. The tree must also be taken down and disposed of or stored till next year. Once that is done then all the paper and trash needs to go.

Once the decorations are done you can begin cleaning. In each room, you will dust, scrub, sweep or vacuum, rinse and repeat as is necessary. We do mean a really deep clean. Ceilings, walls,  and baseboards should all get a good cleaning. Of course, there will be rooms that require more cleaning than others. The kitchen is the largest job. Just remember to take it one room at a time. Do not move on until each is complete.

The next area to get you more organized is going to require some discipline. Once cleaned you will need to start purging. Purging involves removing things from the home that you do not need or use. This is where the discipline comes in. Take a good look around each room and see it as a guest would. Are those decorative items you have had forever still bringing you joy? If not they should leave your home. Move room by room again. This may seem to take longer but we promise you will not tire yourself out or become overwhelmed. The kitchen with all its cabinets, pantry’s and storage may take more than one day. This is fine. Take the time you need to complete the job before moving on.

When you move on to the closets and drawers do not take out more than you can deal with at that time. It is really easy to make a lot of huge piles of clothing and get worn out before the job is done. Do one closet at a time, one drawer at a time. We promise this will keep you from tiring out and not getting the job done.

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New Years Resolutions are a good thing as long as you have a plan. If you find your laundry in Raleigh NC to be a little overwhelming after the holidays, you are not alone. The great news is that laundry Express can help! Give us a try today. We can help you get your laundry under control in the new year. Call us or visit our location today!


December 28, 2018
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Holiday Laundry Tips

We have officially entered into what is known as the winter solstice. This is what we consider our winter season. The good news is that from this point on the days begin to get longer. However, the winter weather will also appear. If you have not already had snow, sleet, and windy rainy cold weather you soon will. In this post we will look at ways to help you keep your laundry in check over the holiday period and the winter months. Be sure to stop by the best Raleigh laundromat when you need help getting your laundry done in a pinch this holiday season!

One of the best tips that we can offer is to do your best to stay on top of your family’s laundry. Establishing a good system for getting the laundry done will carry over into the holiday season. We will all be attending more events and parties than usual and that means more laundry headaches for us. Establish a good laundry routine ahead of the holidays and things will go much smoother for you.

It is really important to check your clothing items for stains this time of year. Often, we return from Christmas activities and parties and we are tired. Being tired means, we might not pay attention to spills that can cause permanent stains in our clothing. Teach every member of your family how to treat stains or to point them out to you as soon as they possibly can. Early treatment of stains means you have a better chance of removing them before permanent damage is done.

This is the perfect season to replace any winter weather gear that your family might need. You will find the best prices on such items during the holidays. We are all eager to save money, right? This can include coats, gloves, scarves, and hats. Also, check your current items to be certain that they too are being taken care of and that no stains become permanent.

Keep your laundry area as clean and free of mountains of clothes as possible. This will help you not to become overwhelmed by your laundry tour during the holidays. We cannot stress enough how important it is to do at least one load of laundry per day from start to finish. You can assign a day of the week to each family members laundry so that the routine of laundry is established. If you find yourself without a lot of time left for laundry seek out a good laundromat facility in your area. This is a great way to stay ahead of a crisis. Many also offer specialized laundry services for all your laundry needs.

If you are interested in getting your laundry chores and other household jobs organized in the coming new year be sure to check back for future blogs on how to set up a good laundry routine for your whole family. We will be busy coming up with the best tips and tricks for you to use in the coming year.

If you find yourself behind on a mountain of laundry, check out our Raleigh Laundromat. Laundry Express offers state of the art machines for washing and drying. We also offer laundry services that include dry cleaning, wash, dry, fold services, and stain removal. Don’t get behind when we can help! Visit us soon!


December 25, 2018
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Keeping the Holiday Spirit for Home Organizing, Part Two

The holidays are definitely looming in our near future. We are sure that like us, you are beginning to feel run ragged and not in much of a holiday spirit. In our last blog, we looked at ways to get organized for the coming holidays. We will continue that discussion with this blog as we look at some more ways to hopefully help you streamline your everyday chores and merge them with the new things that you will need to do. Need a laundry service in Raleigh NC to help you get ready for the holidays? Stop by Laundry Express!

One of the major things that we like to do for the holidays is decorating our homes. When it comes to decorating the home just getting out all of those boxes and bags of holiday decorations can overwhelm us at times. A good suggestion is to concentrate on specific items or rooms as you go. For example, if you want to get up all the trees that you might put in your home. If you do decorate more than one, then concentrate on one at a time. If you have one large tree, then work on getting that tree up and decorated fully before you move on to another area. It will be important to not only get that tree up and decorated but to remove the boxes and bags of that held your Christmas decorations. This will keep the room nice and tidy and not be so overwhelming to you.

Once you have up the larger trees then you can move onto decorating your mantle, tables, or other areas of the home. This is also a good time to make a new list of things you might want to replace or things you would like to add for next year. If you have lights that are not quite what you want or that are causing you problems, then be sure to put those on your list for the new year.

As you turn to decorate the outside of your home there are some important things to keep in mind. Locate and ready your wreaths and other decorations for the outdoors. Make certain any ribbon that you use is weatherproof. You will also want to secure those wreaths well in case of windy, snowy weather. No one wants to spend the entire holiday putting decorations back up! Locate any lights and extension cords you may need to get the job done right.

Speaking of snow and wind, you will want to get those coats, scarves, gloves, and hats out of the storage so that you are ready for the weather. A great tip is to take some time to organize an area of your home where these wet Adams will be deposited after use. There is nothing worse than water on your floors and wet clothing scattered about. Take a good look at your warm coats and see if they need some laundry attention. Some may have escaped a good laundering when put away last season. This is a great time to take care of them so that they will be ready for the colder wintry weather of the next few months.

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December 21, 2018
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Keeping the Holiday Spirit for Home Organizing, Part One

We are not sure about you, but we definitely feel that Christmas seems to get here quicker and quicker every year. This is one time of the year that we can get overwhelmed with all that we have to do to be ready for the holidays. If you find yourself overwhelmed, the next couple of blog posts are for you. Our laundromat in Raleigh NC will look at ways to stay more on top of our everyday chores such as laundry. We will also include tips on other household chores that will help us navigate the holidays in a more organized way.

Our first tip is to take some time to organize all of your regular chores into a good list. You can do this by taking a small spiral bound notebook and organizing your chores by day of the week. These are the things you know you must stay on top off in order to keep your sanity over the coming days. Once you have identified the things you must do then start a new list of the things you will need to do to get organized for Christmas. Add things in like shopping, cooking, baking, and holiday visiting.

Next, you will want to figure out how to best combine the two lists. Our best suggestion is to look ahead on your calendar to see when these special events will happen. Outline the different visits and holiday parties that you will either host or attend. Take special note of any extra baking or cooking you will need to do and note them on your list.

Once you have these lists made begin a third which you will use to note special baking items you will need to buy at the grocery store. If you begin this list early enough, you will save yourself time by purchasing items each time you go to the grocery. This way you will be able to take advantage of store sales and hopefully save yourself money. This is the time of the year that grocery stores will have special sales on basic cooking and baking items. It is a good time to stock up for the winter and this too will save you time and money in the long run.

You will certainly want to keep on top of your laundry during the holiday season. Doing a load of laundry a day from start to finish is a good trick to implement this time of year. This can help you begin to organize the family’s laundry and hopefully be ready for some tips that we will have a future blog about getting off on the right foot with your laundry during the new year.

Head over to our next blog for more tips on how you can orgainze your home with the holiday spirit in mind!

Also be sure to take advantage of the best laundromat in Raleigh NC when you need to launder multiple loads at once. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get a good amount of laundry done when visiting our clean and comfortable facility!

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December 10, 2018
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Fun Laundry Trivia

We all know how totally boring a conversation about “doing the laundry” can be. Let’s look at some interesting facts about laundry in Raleigh NC. Laundry Express is here to help you with some fun trivia for laundry!

Here in America, laundry accounts for only 21 percent of your indoor water usage. Most would guess it uses the most. However, forty-one percent is used for flushing the toilet. If you have more than one bathroom in the home, then that is a much larger use of water. The average American family does 8–10 loads of laundry each week. A single load of laundry, from wash to dry, takes an average of one hour and twenty-seven minutes to do. This means we easily spend 8 to 10 hours on the average per week doing the laundry in Raleigh NC.

Think you do a lot of laundry? Well, if you wash and dry one load of laundry every day for the next 44 years, you just might do as much laundry as the laundry persons at Walt Disney World do in a single day. The laundry folks there wash an average of 285,000 pounds of laundry each day. They also send out somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000 to 32,000 garments to be dry-cleaned daily. It takes a lot to keep Mickey looking good.

Some interesting laundry trivia include a look back in history. In August 1776, the British forces occupied New York City. Needing to get information about British troop movements was critical to General George Washington. However, the Patriot Army had no really good way to get this valuable information. In 1778, Benjamin Tallmadge recruited a small group of trusted men and women. The Culper Spy Ring began to use laundry to help them gather and pass along important information. Anna Smith Strong, whose husband local Patriot judge Selah Strong, was confined on the British prison ship HMS Jersey used the laundry on her clothesline to leave signals regarding where spies should gather to share information.

In the Civil War a laundress was paid from fees deducted from a soldiers’ pay. Each enlisted man had 50 cents withheld monthly, unmarried officers $1.00 to $2.00 monthly and married officers paid $4.00 monthly.

One of the largest outdoor laundry facility is Dhobi Ghat. Dhobi Ghat is found in Mumbai, India. Dhobis or washermen and their families start their laundry business early in the morning. The laundries are row upon row of concrete wash pens each with its own flogging stone. The clothes are dipped in soapy water, then beaten on the flogging stones then rinsed clean. The next day, the clothes are neatly pressed and delivered to the owners.

Ever been interested in interpreting your dreams?

  • Dreaming that you are doing your laundry might be a suggestion that you are looking to clean up your ways or need to change your image because you are concerned about how you appear to others.
  • Dream that you are having someone else do your laundry could possibly mean that you have been gossiping with others. Maybe airing someone else’s dirty laundry by hanging it out for all to see.
  • If the dream involves about sorting the laundry,” it indicates that you are trying to understand your own feelings and sorting out your attitudes.”

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