April 13, 2019
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Spring Cleaning The Laundry Room Continued

In our last post, we began looking at spring cleaning the laundry room. This is the time of year when the seasons change from cold, dark, and dreary to more sun-filled warm days. We begin to get “Spring Fever” and as a result are ready to clean up our homes. We start to exchange heavy clothing for layering of lighter clothes. Today’s post will look at how to organize the laundry room to work most effectively for you and your family. Need the best options for coin-op laundry in Raleigh NC? Try Laundry Express!

Last time we worked on getting the room totally cleaned out and painted if needed. We will now offer some good tips for organizing things. This is where to take a good look at all that stuff you removed when you began cleaning the room. Throw away once and for all those mismatched socks where the mate disappeared long ago, never to be seen again. Most likely it will never turn up so toss them. Remove and return any items that do not belong in the laundry room to their proper place.

Next take a look at your laundry detergents, additives, and softeners.  If you have any that are long past their expiration date this is a good time to toss them. This is also the time to look at streamlining your laundry products. Find detergents that combine things like oxy boosts and non-chlorine bleach. The new detergent pods might be a good choice for your family as well. Just remember if there are small children in your home to keep these up and out of reach. If you would like to use more eco-friendly products this is a great time to research these as well.

If you need more storage to organize your laundry stuff check out some big box stores or a specialty shop. Many of these have every kind of storage solution you ever dreamed of. This can also help you get the whole family’s laundry routine organized. Laundry baskets and hampers can coral everyone’s clothing and sorting is made easier by having a plan in place. Assigning each family member a day to do their own laundry is a huge help. Just be sure to teach them to do it start to finish with no laundry left in the laundry room afterward. Also teach them the laundry room is only for doing laundry. It is not a storage room.

Now you can look at decoration. A new rug and window treatment can complement the wall color. These will also make the room brighter and warm. Of course, nobody will admit to loving the laundry chore but having a clean, well-organized laundry room will make it easier. If you have a lot of laundries to do consider a laundry service to help you get caught up. This is an awesome way to get spring started.

Laundry Express | Coin-Op Laundry Raleigh NC

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April 2, 2019
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Spring Cleaning the Laundry Room

We live busy, active lives in our world today. No way around it we work, we play, and we clean. One of the most used rooms in our home is certainly the laundry room. One of the biggest wish list items for anyone looking for a new home is a large laundry room. However, the problem is not always needing more space for laundry. The biggest problem is that we tend to use the laundry room for more than doing the laundry. This area becomes the overflow area for things that have nothing to do with the laundry. In the next couple of blog posts, we will look at ways to spring clean and totally organize your laundry room. Need help getting your laundry done quickly and efficiently? Rely on our coin laundry in Raleigh NC!

The best way to attack this overwhelming job is to take everything out of your laundry room. This means removing things in the drawers and cabinets as well. Check behind the washer and dryer for wayward clothing items. Once all out take a good hard look at the area. What do you like or not like about it? What can you do to clean it up and make it a bright and cheerful are to work in? If you are like most of us you may have never given a thought to decorating this particular room but it is one you are more than likely in on a daily basis. It needs to be as warm and inviting as the rest of your home.

Before you begin anything else you will need to give this room a thorough cleaning. Start at the top of the room, the ceiling, and work your way down. Collect any dust bunnies and cobwebs. Get behind the washer and dryer. Pull these out from the wall with some help of course and locate any trash, clothing, or dust that has accumulated there. Dust or vacuum all the drawers and cabinets as well. This is a great time to line them if you want. When all of this is done give the floors and baseboards a good cleaning.

Once you have the room cleaned turn your attention to your washer and dryer. There are products on the market today that you can use to give your washing machine a good cleaning. If you would rather use your own products add some vinegar into your soap dispenser and fabric softener dispenser. Run the washer with the hottest water temperature on the longest wash cycle. Once done clean the outside of the washer with a mild cleaner and soapy cloth. Just give it a good wiping down. Do the same with your dryer. Clean the lint screens and use a hose attachment with your vacuum to get all the lint out of the lint trap. A dryer fire is caused by lint buildup and is dangerous.

After the room is clean you can look at painting the room a nice bright color. Be sure to come back and read our next post on organizing your laundry room!

If you find yourself behind on a mountain of laundry, check out our coin laundry in Raleigh NC. Laundry Express offers state of the art machines for washing and drying. We also offer laundry services that include dry cleaning, wash, dry, fold services, and stain removal. Don’t get behind when we can help! Visit us soon!


March 27, 2019
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More Best Laundry Sorting Tips

Doing the laundry chores around our home is not always one of our favorite things to do. In fact, doing the laundry seems to be the most tedious task one can do. We know that many of you will put this task off until it becomes a real laundry 911. We are going to offer you some laundry sorting tips that we hope will help you get a handle on all of your ongoing laundry tasks. These also work when you’re going to visit a Raleigh laundromat, as well!

First, you must know that sorting your laundry may same time consuming, but it will save you money as your laundry will get as clean as possible. It also will not be harmed but dyes or other things that can damage it. It will also keep heavier items such as jeans from harming things like your sweaters or any white items you may have. One of the best ways to sort your laundry is to have as many hampers or baskets as you need to sort your laundry as it is worn. One for whites, darks, lights, and delicates will go a long way toward the final washing.

When it comes to delicates you may also want to invest in a mesh bag. These bags will keep your items from being stuck or tangled in the wash where they can be snagged or ruined. These mesh bags are also great if you suffer from the missing sock problem. Putting all of your socks together in one bag and washing will ensure that none are lost. Your more delicate items will launder perfectly if treated kindly in this way.

One sorting tip that we cannot stress enough is your pile of clothing for whites. Washing your white clothes with any darker or heavily dyed is an accident waiting to happen. If you have ever had to wear pink underwear or socks, you will understand this tip. Also, avoid washing whites with jeans or any other dark colored dad clothing. This will certainly turn your white items into a not attractive gray color. This is a big tip for the Raleigh laundromat. We sometimes get in a hurry and forget to separate the whites.

If you have children they can help with sorting the laundry as well. Make it a fun game for them. Also placing a couple of baskets in their room can help them learn to sort their own laundry. Thinks one for colors and one for whites. This will also teach them early on in life an important skill set they will need to do their own laundry.

Our last couple of posts have looked at ways to sort your laundry and offered some good tips for keeping your laundry looking good. Different methods of sorting may work best for you. We just want to be certain that you sort your clothing as part of your regular laundry routine. This will save you time and money and maybe help you not to be intimidated by a mountain of laundry.

If you find yourself behind on a mountain of laundry, check out our Raleigh Laundromat. Laundry Express offers state of the art machines for washing and drying. We also offer laundry services that include dry cleaning, wash, dry, fold services, and stain removal. Don’t get behind when we can help! Visit us soon!


March 23, 2019
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Best Laundry Sorting Tips

Let’s face it, in order to do your laundry in Raleigh NC properly there are some things you will need to know. For whatever reason it appears this is a skill set that many in this generation have not learned. Many young adults go off to college and very quickly realize they have no idea how to keep their laundry done properly. Some people figure out their lack of skills when they get married and set up housekeeping. Their lack of laundry skills is a problem. Our next couple of posts will look at sorting the laundry and hopefully give you an idea of laundry basics.

Sorting your clothes is the first step in getting your laundry in Raleigh NC done right. There are many methods for sorting the laundry and this post will give you some ideas on what will work for you. Keep in mind that help you sort your clothes will determine which washing cycle you will need and what water temperature you will use.

The first way of sorting is by color. Here you will look at whites, darks, lights, jeans, and delicates. This is a fairly simple way of sorting the laundry. Make one pile for each color listed. Some of you may want to subdivide into even more categories of clothing but the most used are those we listed. One of the most confusing of these is the delicate pile. This category would have in it any lingerie, silk that can be washed, pantyhose or tights, and any other washable items of clothing that you want to keep from being harshly laundered and possibly damaged.

The next sorting consideration is how much each garment ways. This means taking a look at denim‘s or any other heavy cotton pants and jeans and not mixing those with thin T-shirts or any kind of clothing that could possibly be torn or damaged while being washed with these heavier items. You will also want to consider this when drying the clothes as well.

It is also a good idea while you are sorting the laundry to also look for any items that need to be treated for stains. This does not take very long and can save you a lot of headaches later. Simply take the time to look at your items as you sort locate any of the stains and then just give them a quick spray or rub with some stain remover. If it seems to be a particularly large or harder to remove stains, we recommend putting that item aside to work on later. It is always a good idea to deal with stains ASAP.

Sorting your clothing is not a hard thing to do it does however take just a bit of your time. We recommend looking for a clothes hamper or to where you can easily sort your clothing as you have worn it. One Basket or hamper for whites and one for darks will also make this task much easier as you address your weekly laundry chores.

If you are being run ragged, just attempting to keep up with all your extra laundry. give Laundry Express a try! We offer state of the art machine for washing and drying your clothes. We also offer laundry services that include dry cleaning, wash-dry-fold, and stain removal! Don’t get behind on your family’s laundry in Raleigh NC. We are here to help! Visit Laundry Express soon!


March 17, 2019
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Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips

Recent studies have shown that we are exposed to more chemicals and harmful materials in our environment than ever before. “Researchers at Plymouth University have found that there is more than 700,000 microscopic fiber released into our water each and every time we do a load of laundry. A lot of these fibers in depth in the environment where they, in turn, threaten our ecosystems and harm wildlife.” Because of the concern for the impact, this has in our world and in our everyday lives, Many of us are looking to find ways to reduce the number of harmful elements in our lives. This post will look at some eco-friendly laundry tips to help you have a better impact on the environment. Need a great laundromat in Raleigh NC? Stop by Laundry Express!

Eco-Friendly Tips | Laundromat Raleigh NC

One of the first things you can do to save energy is to adjust the temperature in which your clothing is washed. Just turning your water temperature down to cold water can save up to 90% of your energy. Today’s laundry detergents are formulated to clean in colder temperatures so your clothing will get clean and you will save money and energy.

Another great tip is to always make certain you are washing a full load of clothes. No matter the size of a load of clothing your washer will use up to 40 gallons of water per load. Using smaller loads will only result in more water being used and more energy being used. Washing larger loads fewer times per week will save you money and reduce the amount of water you use.

When it comes to washing detergent, stain remover, and other things that you need to use to get your laundry clean you can be eco-friendly here as well. Look for natural products that do not contain chemicals, fragrances, and chlorine bleach. Look for a plant-based detergent that does not contain petroleum. These more natural detergents will have biodegradable surfactants and work really well in colder water temperatures.

You will also want to use non-chlorine bleach is versus those with chlorine. Chlorine is a big detriment to the environment and many industrial plants use lots of chlorine bleach. Keeping it out of our home environment can help the overall world environment. Estimates show we could prevent 1.6 million pounds of chlorine per year from coming into our natural environment by using less chlorine bleach in the home.

When it comes to drying your clothes dryer sheets and common fabric softeners also contain lots of synthetic fragrances and chemicals. Using dryer balls with essential oils will greatly reduce the amount of chemicals and fragrances on your clothing. You can also look for some eco-friendly ones in the marketplace.

One last tip is to look at your washer and dryer. No, we are not suggesting you replace machines that are working well. We do recommend that when you replace them you look for machines that are as eco-friendly as possible. Today’s machine uses less water and energy than ever before. Some are more costly up-front but the savings in water and energy will be huge.

Laundry Express knows your time at home with family is valuable. Doing the laundry can be time consuming. We can help you with all things laundry. Come by and check out our state of the are laundry facility here in the Triangle area. We can help you get caught up as quickly as possible and get you back to doing things that are much more fun! Call us today to learn more about our laundromat in Raleigh NC.