Things To Avoid Washing At The Laundromat

When doing your laundry at a Raleigh laundromat there are some things you will want to keep in mind. As the long, cold, and rainy winter comes to an end you may be ready to launder your cold weather items such as coats, and hats. You will want to be careful which items you choose to wash and dry. For example, knit hats are delicate and should be washed by hand with a mild detergent. Otherwise, it may never regain its shape or softness. Some winter coats also need to be hand washed or dry cleaned. Check the labels before throwing them into a commercial washer or dryer.

Many people take bedding to a Raleigh laundromat to wash and dry because commercial machines are much larger than residential ones. This is a great idea for sheet sets, comforters, quilts, and blankets. However, it’s not a good idea to launder your memory foam pillows at the laundromat. They soak up so much water that it will take quite a while to dry them in a commercial dryer. It’s best to launder them at home and then allow them to air dry before throwing them in the dryer. They become so saturated with water it’s almost impossible to wring them out enough to get them ready for a commercial dryer. In addition, the high heat could damage the memory foam.

Take particular care not to launder any clothing that have embellishments such as sequins, beads, or other details. If these items are present it will be best to hand wash or dry clean them only. These types of embellishments can snag or catch on other clothing items in the laundry and cause damage. They may also become unglued, or loose and your garment will be ruined.

We hope not but it is very possible that you might accidentally launder a pen. That’s why it’s important to check your pockets before throwing clothing into the wash at a laundromat. Leaving ink residue behind could get the next user’s clothing damaged or stained. If you do accidentally wash one, be sure to tell the attendant so that they can clean the washer properly before putting it back in use.

If you have heavily soiled items, you should not launder these in commercial washers. This would include items caked in mud or dirt, wet paint, or another substance that could leave behind a dirty machine. Rinse off the extra soil or mud before laundering them as normal. You always want to leave the laundromat machines clean for the next person to use.

A very important thing to consider is if you have clothing that has come into contact with a flammable substance. If this happens it is important to refrain from putting it in a commercial washer at a Raleigh laundromat. This is because the garment will cause the machine to smell like the flammable substance. The biggest issue is it could also cause a fire. In order to remove the flammable substance from your clothing before heading to the laundromat hand wash it in a sink or bathtub with a solvent-based stain remover or detergent. A flammable substance might include but is not limited to, alcohol, gasoline, cooking oil, motor oil, or mineral oil.

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