Spring Cleaning The Laundry Room Continued

In our last post, we began looking at spring cleaning the laundry room. This is the time of year when the seasons change from cold, dark, and dreary to more sun-filled warm days. We begin to get “Spring Fever” and as a result are ready to clean up our homes. We start to exchange heavy clothing for layering of lighter clothes. Today’s post will look at how to organize the laundry room to work most effectively for you and your family. Need the best options for coin-op laundry in Raleigh NC? Try Laundry Express!

Last time we worked on getting the room totally cleaned out and painted if needed. We will now offer some good tips for organizing things. This is where to take a good look at all that stuff you removed when you began cleaning the room. Throw away once and for all those mismatched socks where the mate disappeared long ago, never to be seen again. Most likely it will never turn up so toss them. Remove and return any items that do not belong in the laundry room to their proper place.

Next take a look at your laundry detergents, additives, and softeners.  If you have any that are long past their expiration date this is a good time to toss them. This is also the time to look at streamlining your laundry products. Find detergents that combine things like oxy boosts and non-chlorine bleach. The new detergent pods might be a good choice for your family as well. Just remember if there are small children in your home to keep these up and out of reach. If you would like to use more eco-friendly products this is a great time to research these as well.

If you need more storage to organize your laundry stuff check out some big box stores or a specialty shop. Many of these have every kind of storage solution you ever dreamed of. This can also help you get the whole family’s laundry routine organized. Laundry baskets and hampers can coral everyone’s clothing and sorting is made easier by having a plan in place. Assigning each family member a day to do their own laundry is a huge help. Just be sure to teach them to do it start to finish with no laundry left in the laundry room afterward. Also teach them the laundry room is only for doing laundry. It is not a storage room.

Now you can look at decoration. A new rug and window treatment can complement the wall color. These will also make the room brighter and warm. Of course, nobody will admit to loving the laundry chore but having a clean, well-organized laundry room will make it easier. If you have a lot of laundries to do consider a laundry service to help you get caught up. This is an awesome way to get spring started.

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