Spring Cleaning the Laundry Room

We live busy, active lives in our world today. No way around it we work, we play, and we clean. One of the most used rooms in our home is certainly the laundry room. One of the biggest wish list items for anyone looking for a new home is a large laundry room. However, the problem is not always needing more space for laundry. The biggest problem is that we tend to use the laundry room for more than doing the laundry. This area becomes the overflow area for things that have nothing to do with the laundry. In the next couple of blog posts, we will look at ways to spring clean and totally organize your laundry room. Need help getting your laundry done quickly and efficiently? Rely on our coin laundry in Raleigh NC!

The best way to attack this overwhelming job is to take everything out of your laundry room. This means removing things in the drawers and cabinets as well. Check behind the washer and dryer for wayward clothing items. Once all out take a good hard look at the area. What do you like or not like about it? What can you do to clean it up and make it a bright and cheerful are to work in? If you are like most of us you may have never given a thought to decorating this particular room but it is one you are more than likely in on a daily basis. It needs to be as warm and inviting as the rest of your home.

Before you begin anything else you will need to give this room a thorough cleaning. Start at the top of the room, the ceiling, and work your way down. Collect any dust bunnies and cobwebs. Get behind the washer and dryer. Pull these out from the wall with some help of course and locate any trash, clothing, or dust that has accumulated there. Dust or vacuum all the drawers and cabinets as well. This is a great time to line them if you want. When all of this is done give the floors and baseboards a good cleaning.

Once you have the room cleaned turn your attention to your washer and dryer. There are products on the market today that you can use to give your washing machine a good cleaning. If you would rather use your own products add some vinegar into your soap dispenser and fabric softener dispenser. Run the washer with the hottest water temperature on the longest wash cycle. Once done clean the outside of the washer with a mild cleaner and soapy cloth. Just give it a good wiping down. Do the same with your dryer. Clean the lint screens and use a hose attachment with your vacuum to get all the lint out of the lint trap. A dryer fire is caused by lint buildup and is dangerous.

After the room is clean you can look at painting the room a nice bright color. Be sure to come back and read our next post on organizing your laundry room!

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