Tips For Using A Laundromat

Have you ever heard the old saying “you don’t miss something until you don’t have it”? This can be said when you are trying to live without a washer or dryer in your home. Many of us do not realize what a time-consuming chore laundry is until we must go to a laundromat to get the job done. This can be time consuming for us. Many of us dread doing the laundry because of what is involved in moving our laundry from one place to the other. This post will look at some tips for using a laundromat. Coin laundry in Raleigh NC is a great way to get laundry done efficiently. We hope these tips will make doing your laundry a little easier for you.

Tips for Using a Laundromat | Coin Laundry Raleigh NC

  • Our first tip is in order to make getting into and out of the laundry mat easier sort your laundry ahead of time. This way when you arrive to do your laundry you can get it into the machine quickly.
  • Next before choosing a laundromat look at all of the businesses available in your area. What you are looking for is a laundromat that is clean and has the latest washers and dryers and is in a safe area. You will also want to note the hours of operation and if you have time see what seems to the least busy times. Going during one of these less busy times can save you time as well.
  • Once you arrive at the laundromat there are a few things you want to do before placing your clothes in the machine. The first is to smell the machine. This seems to be an odd thing to do but it will tell you if someone who used the machine before you used bleach. If bleach was used your clothing could be ruined. If possible, pick another machine.
  • Once you have located your washer and dryer wipe out both. Before putting your items in. This is just a good practice to have as you will not know what was washed or dried prior to you using the machine. Also make certain nothing was left in either machine before you place your clothing into the machine.
  • Although it is tempting to find other things to do while your laundry is washing, we do not recommend leaving the laundromat. Others will remove your clothing if you are not back in time to take your laundry out. This means your newly laundered clothes may be sitting on a table waiting for you jumbled together. You may also find that some of your items could be stolen when left unattended. Bring a book or some other form of entertainment and wait for your laundry to be done.
  • Do not forget to bring plenty of coins for the laundry machines. Also make certain to bring baskets or bags to transport your laundry from your home to the laundromat and back.
  • One last tip is to simply keep things as simple as possible. This means purchase smaller sizes of detergent and dryer sheets. Not only do we suggest sorting the laundry before you go but also pre-treat the laundry for stains saving a step once you arrive.

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