Habits For Keeping Your Home Clean All The Time, continued

It seems sometimes that keeping our home clean is a never ending chore. We work all week and then instead of having fun with family and friends in our off time, we spend the weekend cleaning and catching up. Some people find it easy it seems to keep up while others of us struggle to just maintain a semblance of order in the home. We have gathered some really great tip for helping you develop good habits that can keep your home cleaner all the time. Developing these good habits may very well give you back that free time you need on the weekend. Our Raleigh laundromat can help you get caught up on laundry if you’re behind!

If you have rugs and carpets in your home or even hardwoods you need to invest in a great vacuum cleaner. If you have pets in the home this is even more important. Investing in a vacuum with all the bells and whistles can help you keep up with the pet hair, dirt and debris more easily. If we are going to develop good habits then we need the proper tools for accomplishing this. Many people have two vacuums. They have a large powerful one for deep cleaning and a smaller one for a quick clean at other times.

A good rule for your everyday routine is to make the bed every morning. If you do not make it completely at least fix the bed covers neatly and fluff the pillows. This makes the room look clean and the bed will be more inviting when it is time for bed. After a long day of work, we promise this habit can be a gift we give ourselves at the end of the day.

Our linen closets and pantries also need some help to stay orderly. When things are behind closed doors they tend to become chaotic and unorganized. Take the time needed to organize your linens after you launder them so that you always have clean towels, sheets, and other bedding always ready and findable. Pantries that are organized can actually save you money. You can easily see what you have and do not have for preparing meals.

Sometimes we give in to being tired and we ignore our laundry for a week or so. We then are and at ourselves for doing so when we have to spend an entire day doing laundry for hours. This is not a fun way to spend 8 or so hours. The best tip ever is to develop a habit of doing a load a day start to finish. If this is too much then run a couple of loads two nights a week. Just remember each load must be done wash, dry, fold, and put away each and every time.

Finally, for most of us, seasonal cleaning just isn’t possible. Instead of doing a spring cleaning opt to do so all year long. Break large jobs down into quarterly cleans. Purge or declutter weekly. Work on one room or area at a time and donate and recycle as much as possible. This will help you keep a cleaner home all year long.

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