Habits for Keeping Your Home Clean All the Time

This is the perfect time of year to do a good cleaning of your home. After all, it is “Spring Cleaning” time. For some of us, this is a huge undertaking and we think we may never get done. Have you ever noticed however that some people seem to always have a clean, uncluttered home? Ever wondered how they do it? This post will look at some good tips we have found for developing cleaning habits that will keep our homes looking great.

Shoes Off | Coin-Op Laundry Raleigh NC

One of the first things to implement in your home is a “Shoes Off” policy. Teach family members to remove their shoes as soon as they come into the home. A good area rug will help stop the dirt at the door as well. This will greatly reduce the dirt and debris coming into the home. This will keep your floors much cleaner all the time.

Microfiber Magic

Forget the old type broom and mop. Today there are all kinds of cleaning tools on the market. Microfiber is the latest and best cleaning tool. These broom/mop combos take cleaning to a new level. If you have indoor pets they will be a life saver. You can get underneath furniture easier with these versatile tools. They collect dust and dirt with wide heads and longer handles. The cleaning solutions are better formulated for cleaning as well.

Daily Dishwasher Use

Running the dishwasher every day is another way to keep the clutter down. Even if you feel you do not have a full load many dishwashers have a half-load setting. A good habit is to load the dishwasher after the evening meal and running it. Then in the morning while the coffee is making you can unload it. This keeps it ready for loading during the day.

Nighttime Routine

Before you go to bed at night take a good sweep throughout the home. Pick up any errant items from each room and return them to their proper places. Having an uncluttered home great you first thing in the morning is a great feeling.

One Load a Day

The laundry is one of those never-ending chores where some organization can help. If you have a two story home try installing a laundry chute. You may be surprised how easy this is. What will also surprise you is what a great help it is in getting the laundry where it needs to be. This is a good way to keep laundry from piling up in the bathrooms and bedrooms of the home. The best tip ever when it comes to laundry is simple. One load a day from start to finish should be a rule.

Come back for our next post which will continue offering tips for developing good habits for keeping your home spring cleaned all year long.

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