October 10, 2018
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More Fall Laundry Tips and Tricks

In our last post we began the discussion of some tips and tricks for doing our fall laundry. We will continue this conversation by offering more of these tips with you. Laundry is a time consuming and energy zapping chore that has to get done. We can all benefit from the easiest ways to accomplish this. Need laundry service in Raleigh NC? Stop by Laundry Epxress!

First lets consider our washing machines and dryers. How old is your current machines? If they are more than 8 to 10 years old they might not be as energy efficient as they could be. Today’s machines are designed in order to save as much energy as possible while still cleaning your clothing really well. When it comes to water temperature cold is best. The hotter the water temperature the more energy used. In fact, hot water will cause your machine to use 90 percent more energy than cold. Most detergents are formulated today to clean in cold water really well. Pollution is also decreased and the energy savings of newer machines can be a pleasant surprise.

With Fall comes a different variety of stains. Everything pumpkin is popular this time of year. Pumpkin stains can happen as those awesome jack-o-lanterns are carved into a beautiful masterpiece. When this happens you will want to scrape off all of the pumpkin on your clothes. Do a good soak with some mild detergent for at least 30 minutes or more. Launder as usual but make certain to check that the stain is gone before drying. Repeat the process if necessary.

Chocolate is another stain that requires more attention. With Halloween coming up and candy being involved we need to be prepared to look for this type of stain. A great trick is to use vinegar or lemon juice to help with breaking down this type of stain. After pre-treating the stain with either of these rinse well with cool water. You may launder as usual but check to be certain the stain has been removed before drying. A commercial enzyme type stain remover can be used if a stain remains. If needed you can consult a professional company for more help.

This is also the time of year for all things pumpkin spice. Lattes, cocoa, and other coffee flavoring can cause a big stain problem when spilled onto clothing. When a spill happens to you immediately blot as much of the liquid as possible from the fabric. As soon as you can apply a mixture of dish detergent, water, and vinegar to the item. Allow the item to soak this in and then rinse in warm water. If stain remains you may repeat the process before laundering. Do not dry the item until stain is removed completely.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you with this Fall’s more difficult stains. Always consult a professional for any stains that prove to be difficult to remove.

Laundry Express knows your time at home with family is valuable. Doing the laundry can be time consuming. We can help you with all things laundry. Come by and check out our state of the are laundry facility and laundry service in Raleigh NC here in the Triangle area. We can help you get caught up as quickly as possible and get you back to doing things that are much more fun! Call us today!




October 5, 2018
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Fall Laundry Tips and Tricks

This is one of the busiest times of the year for many families. We have just survived the “back to school” hustle and bustle. School schedules and sports activities combined with our regular routine really step up our normal laundry routine. This can cause loads of extra time trying to keep up with the families never-ending laundry in Raleigh NC. This post will address ways in which you can establish a routine that will help you stay on top of the extra work and get on to things that are more fun with your family.

Our first tip for your fall laundry in Raleigh NC needs involves establishing the very best routine you can for doing the laundry. This means developing a schedule for the entire family and getting them involved. All members of the family from youngest to oldest are able to take on various steps in getting their own laundry done. For the ones old enough assign a specific day for them to do their own laundry. The youngest are certainly able to help get the dirty laundry into a basket and may be able to help with folding and putting away.

Stain removal is one of the most important parts of a laundry routine. It is even more important in the fall when stains are made early in the day and must be treated as soon as possible. The first step in a good stain removal process is to have a stain remover readily available to treat those pesky stains. This can be a great commercial type remover or one you have made yourself. The key is to make certain every family member treats the stains ASAP or points them out to you.

If your kids play sports then their uniforms will need special treatment. Perspiration is always a problem and can leave the uniform pretty stinky if it is not addressed quickly. Train your athletes to empty their gym bag or to change out of the uniform quickly. The uniform needs to go straight into the washer as quickly as possible. Use a good laundry detergent and also treat any ground in dirt or grass stains before laundering. Check to see the stains are removed before drying. If possible line dry the uniforms to reduce wear and tear on the fabric.

We cannot stress enough the need to look at the tags in your clothing items and read. This is where you will find information on how to wash and dry your clothing. If you are not familiar with the laundry symbols, educate yourself. This is the safest way for you to get the most out of your garments. When the fabrics are treated in the right way the result will be that you will save time and most of all money as you get this laundry chore done.

Come back next time for more tips and tricks!

When life happens and your normal laundry routine gets off its schedule there is help! Laundry Express is here and able to help you with all things laundry in Raleigh NC. From laundromat services to wash, dry, fold, and even dry cleaning services we can help! Call or come by our laundry facility today!


September 27, 2018
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Get Your Laundry Room Ready For Fall

As the summer comes to a close and we begin to anticipate the fall it is time to get ready and organized for the fall and winter seasons. This is a great time to get your laundry area cleaned and organized. With the seasons changing we all know those holidays are not far behind. Taking time to get ready now will help us later. Our Raleigh laundromat has several tips for you!

The first thing to do is totally clean out and empty your laundry room as much as possible. Take the time to really look it over and figure out what works and what does not. Ask yourself what would make it more efficient when it comes to getting the laundry done. You can do a lot to make this room work for you. It needs to become a place where you enjoy doing the laundry instead of dreading it.

Pick out a great paint color for your walls. You will want something that is soothing and inviting. Once you paint then look at your windows. A new window treatment that allows in great light will help spruce things up as well. A couple of great plants can make the room seem really welcoming to.

Now on to decor. Here is where you can make the room fit your family. Organizing things to flow well is the goal here. Make sure you have ample room and area to fold clothes and to hang them. Doing so straight out of the dryer will save you lots of time. Hanging racks and shelving can add the space you need.

A nice drying rack is also a much needed item. Try to locate one that attaches to the wall to save space. There are so many to choose from on the market today so look around. Some may combine drying room with a shelf or hanging rods as well. These will become a versatile tool to have as you do the laundry.

Your laundry and cleaning supplies need a good home so look for a shelving system that will fit your space. If you can find one with doors this is best for safety. Children and pets are naturally curious. Any toxic items need to be secured out of sight and reach. When it comes to shelving you will want to use it to organize your supplies to be easy to get to as you need them. Place labels frontward and at eye level for easier access.

Clothes baskets and hampers are a necessity. If you are cramped on space in the laundry area then make certain each family member has one in their room. Make certain they are easy to transport as well. Once the clothes are emptied into the washer then the basket can be used for the items to be carried back for putting away.

One last thing is to add some great art or photos to your laundry room. This will personalize it and make you want to come in and get busy. Make it a rule to keep this room as clean and organized as possible throughout the year.

Laundry Express, the best Raleigh laundromat in the area, knows your time at home with family is valuable. Doing the laundry can be time consuming. We can help you with all thing’s laundry. Come by and check out our state of the are laundry facility here in the Triangle area. We can help you get caught up as quickly as possible and get you back to doing things that are much more fun! Call us today!




September 21, 2018
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Quick Tips for a Visit to the Laundromat

There are all kinds of reasons why you might find yourself without a washer and dryer. Some long and short term rentals do not have a space for laundry in each unit. Other times the cost for the machines may be beyond your reach. If you have to do without the convenience of having a laundry available in your home hopefully there is a laundry facility nearby. Many rentals will have such a facility close by. Either way, this makes doing your laundry harder and more time consuming. This post will offer up some good tips for using a laundromat in Raleigh NC for your laundry.

Once you arrive at the laundromat in Raleigh NC and schlep your clothes in the door there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Before you even think about placing your clothes in a washing machine look into it. There might be stray items that got left behind by a previous user. This might also include things that could potentially ruin your laundry, such as a lipstick, ink pen, or even paper that will transfer onto your clothes.
  • Smell the washer! Yes we know that sounds crazy but if you smell bleach then you will thank us later. If you place your dark clothing into a washer that has a bleach residue or even some bleach it will be ruined. Taking a few sniffs to be sure will save you a bunch of aggravation later.
  • As you know there have been a lot of folks using these machines. This will mean there is probably mold, mildew, and grime present. Take the time to add about 1/2 a cup of distilled white vinegar to your wash load. This will eliminate any smells or odors that might linger from other loads that have been washed in the machine.
  • If you are having to use a laundromat for an extended amount of time you will want to pare down what you need to carry. This is the perfect time to look at the newer laundry pods on the market today. Carry the few you will need in a plastic bag. You can also carry a few dryer sheets in another bag as well. If you like the smell of a liquid fabric softener look for a really small plastic bottle you can use to carry just enough for your laundry trip. All of these will cut down on the load you are carrying.
  • When using the dryer you will also want to have a good look inside before using. Check for any items that might have been left. Also look for any trash or bits of paper that could linger. Any of these things could transfer to your clothes. Always check the lint trap and clean it well before using the dryer. This will help your clothes to dry quicker.

If you are being run ragged, just attempting to keep up with all your extra laundry. give Laundry Express a try! We offer state of the art machine for washing and drying your clothes. We also offer laundry services that include dry cleaning, wash-dry-fold, and stain removal! Don’t get behind on your family’s laundry. We are here to help! Visit Laundry Express soon! We are the best laundromat in Raleigh NC.


September 15, 2018
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Laundry Tips From The French

When it comes to doing our laundry we are sure that like us you may never give much thought to how it is done around the world. After all its just soap and water right? Well as we have discovered, not necessarily. Today’s post will look at how the French approach their own laundry chores. There just may be something we can learn from them.

French Laundry Tips | Coin Laundry Raleigh NC

We here in America differ from the French in that we are always in a hurry, hurry, hurry! Our idea of getting a dreaded chore done is to do it as fast as possible. We take our huge loads of laundry and throw them into the largest capacity washers and dryers we can find. The faster we can get them done the quicker we are able to move on to much more fun things, right? The French have a way of doing their laundry with more thought than we Americans. Doing the laundry with more thought means our clothes will look as good as they possibly can for a longer period of time. The following are five really awesome tips about doing our laundry the French way.

The first tip the French can offer to us is to always check your clothing before washing and always turn your clothing inside out. Often, we fall into a habit of simply throwing our garments into a wash load and never sorting them first. We are sure you have had the experience of ruining an entire load of laundry because a red item gets mixed up in your white load or someone leaves an ink pen in a pocket. Once that goes through the wash more than likely your entire load is ruined. Taking the time to go through your laundry checking all the pockets and turning all of the clothing inside now can help you make certain these accidents do not happen. Doing this will also prevent zippers and buttons from being ruined in the wash or from becoming caught on other clothing items and doing damage. This step should only take you about five minutes but will greatly improve how your laundry comes out of the wash.

Secondly, ditch the dryer. Europeans use a dryer far less than we do here in the states. It is true that a dryer is damaging to clothing and fabrics. The French way is to air dry your laundry. This is done either indoors on a drying rack or on clotheslines outdoors on nice weather days. This takes a bit more planning but it is one of the best tips for preserving your clothes and is also a great money saving tip as well.

Thirdly, locate your iron and ironing board. Yes, we know this is a time consuming chore that nobody really likes. However, the French iron most everything. Ironing helps you to look more polished and all of your clothing will look much more attractive. If you find this to be time-consuming a handheld fabric steamer can work as well.

Laundry Express | Coin Laundry Raleigh NC

Taking a little extra time to do our laundry chores the French way can be good. Time is always the issue. If you find yourself behind on a mountain of laundry, check out our Raleigh Laundromat. Laundry Express offers state of the art machines for washing and drying. We also offer laundry services that include dry cleaning, wash, dry, fold services, and stain removal. Don’t get behind when we can help! Visit us soon for the best coin laundry in Raleigh NC!