June 21, 2017
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Common Laundry Problems and How to Fix Them, Part 2

Last post we began talking about some everyday common laundry problems and how to fix them. Laundry is a part of our everyday life and we bet that even as you read this you have already either done a load of laundry today or you need to. Sometimes there are some laundry problems we all need a little help with. Today, we will continue the conversation on how to fix some common laundry problems. Don’t forget, if you need the best services for wash dry fold in Raleigh NC, stop by our facility!

Laundry Issues | Wash Dry Fold Raleigh NC

Some of the biggest problems are stinky smelly clothes. These smells can be the hardest of all to get rid of. Give your laundry a sniff test immediately after you run them through a wash cycle. If they do not pass the test then you will want to re-wash using some white vinegar and detergent. Add an extra 1/2 cup to the final rinse. Do the sniff test again before drying. Some have luck drying the items in the sun. The sun will help remove lingering smells.

If you are having trouble with clothing that looks gray or yellow it can be the result of not using enough detergent. Adding the correct amount is critical to getting your clothing clean. Too little or too much can be problematic to your laundry. Use the right water temperature as well. Sometimes you may need to add a detergent booster of some kind. Make certain that you have sorted your laundry properly as well. Colors can bleed onto your whites and cause a graying of your clothes.

Sometimes the issue is detergent residue on your clothes. Nobody likes that because it will most often mean a re-wash of your clothes. That is way to time consuming. We are busy, busy and do not have time for all that! If you are using a powdered detergent the residue means it is not dissolving correctly. First check to see that your load is not too full. If you are using cold water then a liquid detergent will dissolve better. You can also try filling the washer with water first, them add detergent, adding your clothes last.

Clothes that have pilling are also common. This will usually happen with synthetic fabrics. One solution to try is to turn these items inside out before washing. This is because pilling comes from the abrasion of fibers by the action of wash and dry cycles. Liquid detergents may help cut down on the pilling. To remove them you can use a pill remover that is battery powered. This can help you save your clothing for further use.

Lint on your clothing can be a real nuisance. This is where proper sorting can really help. Things like fleece, chenille, terry cloth, and flannel are all huge lint producers. This lint will be attracted to your other clothes especially corduroy, synthetic blends, and dark fabrics. To get this lint off you will need to use a lint remover like a lint roller. This has a sticky surface that will pull the lint from your fabric. You can also try tape. Always check pockets for tissues and other types of paper before washing. Clean your dryer lint filter after each use to cut down on lint making its way onto your clothes.

Wash Dry Fold Raleigh NC

When you find yourself behind on your laundry and need to catch up give Laundry Express a try. We offer a state of the art laundromat facility and services for wash dry fold in Raleigh NC, with the latest in washers and dryers. We can help you get caught up and back in control of your laundry. Visit or call us today!


June 17, 2017
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Common Laundry Problems Part 1

In our crazy, chaotic, busy family lives it is a reality that household chores eat up a lot of our extra time. Laundry is one of those have to do chores that we cannot afford to just ignore or skip over. Laundry is for most of us busy parents a reality. The reasons why we dread this chore actually make little sense. After all you put the clothes in, add a bit of soap, push a few buttons, and viola, clean clothes!

Well, maybe not that simple always but at least it is simple enough that we should not dread this chore quite so much. Sometimes we do have some laundry problems to deal with. This post will address some really common laundry problems and how we can deal with them. Be sure to visit us for the best laundry service in Raleigh NC!

Smelly Clothing | Laundry Service Raleigh NC

Once in a while, even after washing clothes, they will retain smells. If you have gym clothes, or sports uniforms this can be a huge problem. If these types of clothing are giving you a hard time then there are some detergents specifically designed to clean these clothes. Look for them at any big box store. You can also try adding white vinegar to the rinse cycle to help remove smells

Yellowing Whites:

There are many things that can cause your whites to yellow in the wash. The biggest culprit is hard water. The extra minerals and rust in our water can yellow or cause our whites in particular to look dingy. If you have well water especially this can be a problem. Over a long period of time your clothes can be damaged beyond repair. Try adding some all fabric bleach or a boost product to your wash. There are products available for whites only that will help keep this problem at bay.

Colors that Bleed:

One of the biggest laundry problems that is also the most damaging is color bleeding. This is when the dye in a garment bleeds its color onto another garment. The easiest way to fix this problem is to be certain to sort your clothing by color before washing. Skipping this all important step will be a problem. If you do have an accident there are a few products on the market that claim to catch the color if used promptly. Some detergents today are made to help prevent this from being an issue. Look for these products at your local store.

Grease Stains:

One of the toughest laundry problems is grease stains on your clothing. This is one problem that will need immediate attention. A pre-treat product will come in handy and will need to be used as soon as you know you have grease stains. Use a small brush and a little elbow power to rub it in and hopefully this will help get it out. If your job or a spouses job involves heavy dirt and grease you can stay on top of this a lot better. These clothes also need to be washed separate from all of your other clothing.

Children’s Clothing:

This is one area where parents must stay on top of all stains. Food and juices will create stains that will be hard to get out if not treated properly and immediately. Carrying a stain stick product in your diaper bag or purse is a great idea when traveling.

We have lots of other common laundry problems coming up in our next blog. Be sure to come back and read more. Laundry Express, laundry services in Raleigh NC, is your go to laundromat and dry cleaning facility. Come by and check out all our services today!


June 5, 2017
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Freshen Your Washer

When it comes to cleaning our homes many of us will periodically clean our various appliances. We wash down the stove top and clean the oven. We take some time to clean our floors, clean out the fridge, and even clean out the cabinets. When it comes to the laundry room however we just seem to assume because detergent and water is involved our washer is always the cleanest appliance we have. The truth of the matter is that it does need a good cleaning now and again. Our washer can get a bad smell that can transfer onto our laundry if not cleaned properly. Today’s post will offer some tips for getting this appliance clean as can be.

Freshen Your Washer! | Coin Laundry Raleigh NC

  1. First fill your washer with water using the hottest setting. Use the longest wash cycle and largest load setting.
  2. As the washer fills with hot water open the lid and add to the water a quart of white vinegar or bleach. Either works well but some do not like the toxins of bleach.
  3. Then you will want to add a full cup of baking soda and close the lid. Allow the washing machine to agitate for a couple of minutes. After a few minutes open the lid again and let the baking soda, vinegar or bleach, and the hot water to soak for at least another hour.
  4. As this mixture soaks begin to clean any parts of the washer you can. Some may be removable. If so soak them as well. Some washers have removable fabric dispensers and bleach dispensers. Once they have soaked wash them and rinse then dry and replace them. Use a toothbrush to clean all the other areas you can get to. especially the top of the agitator, under the lid, and all around the rim of the tub. The front and the sides can also use a good wipe down as well. Keep the lid open.
  5. After the rest of the the washer finishes it soak an hour later close the lid. Let the cycle then complete and use this time to clean the top of your washer and the dials. Take care not to wet the dials to much. Just a good wipe.
  6. Once the first cycle completes run another adding only the bleach or vinegar. This will clean away any leftover loose debris accumulated by the first cycle.
  7. Once this cycle is completed you can use some vinegar to wipe down the bottom and the sides of your tub to get rid of any residue left.

Drying the Washer | Coin Laundry Raleigh NC

Leave the lid open after each load of laundry to allow the washer to dry and this will help keep it dried out in between and less likely to become smelly from mold and mildew.

Coin Laundry Raleigh NC

If you find yourself in need of a laundry catch-up come by Laundry Express. We can help you with all your laundry needs. We offer a laundromat with the latest in washers and dryers. We also have a full service dry cleaners for your more difficult laundry problems. Give us a call or come by and see us! You will be glad you did!


June 1, 2017
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Common Washer Problems

bigstock--164177369One of the biggest, most time consuming chores families have to do each week is laundry in Raleigh NC. Many of us have a washer and dryer at home to use for this task. Each time we need to wash a load of clothes we put them into the washer along with our detergent of choice and turn the washer on. Easy-peasy right? Well for the most part yes. However eventually there will come a time when you turn the washer on and either nothing happens or there is a problem of some sort with the mechanics of the washer.  Let’s look at some of the common washer problems we may encounter.

Washer Problems | Laundry Raleigh NC

First know that most washers will be different by their very design. Each manufacturer will have their own design and features. Although the features may vary there are some things all washers hold in common. No matter the brand or design all have an electric motor. They will all also have an agitate cycle and a spin cycle. Some will top load and others will front load. Every type of washer will fill the tub with water of course and have a mechanism that allows the water to also drain. There will also be a way built into the design to control the amount of water flowing into the tub to insure there is no overflow. Most all of today’s models have a lid that locks to keep it from being opened during the spin cycle. Most will also have timers to coordinate all of these various cycles.

There are many things that can go wrong mechanically with a washer. One of the most common is that the washer does not fill with water properly. This can happen with cold, warm, or hot water. If this happens to you then you can check the strainer screens to see if they need cleaned. They can become filled with minerals and rust from the pipes in your home. They can be cleaned or replaced easily.

If there is no power to your washer your solenoid valve could be a problem. We recommend that you call a professional for anything power related to be safe. One of the messiest and potentially costliest problems is a hose breaking. This can cause lots of water damage in your home due to flooring and carpeting being saturated. This damage will occur particularly if you leave clothes washing and leave the home. You may come back to a very wet home. To be safe never leave laundry washing while you will be away. This can be prevented by checking the hoses periodically to make sure they are not loose or cracked.

Another common problem you can prevent form happening is too many suds. Today’s more high efficiency washers require much less detergent than in years past. If your machine is labeled HE then pay particular attention to the amount of detergent that is recommended. Using too much can cause an overflow of suds. It can also cause your laundry in Raleigh NC to not get as clean as you would like. The overuse of detergent can also cause other issues with your washer.

We know that when your washer or dryer is on the fritz laundry begins to pile up quickly. Laundry Express can help you keep up with the day to day laundry in Raleigh NC. We have a state of the art laundry facility that can help you get in and out as fast as possible. Come by and give our laundromat a try!


May 25, 2017
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Ways To Prepare Laundry Before Washing

When it comes to doing the laundry, the way we prepare our clothing ahead of the actual washing is really important. It seems easy enough to just dump the clothes into the washer and letting them wash. Believe it or not we wish it were that simple. If you want to protect your investment in your clothes we have some good ideas for preparing your laundry before you wash them. The following are our best tips for getting ready. Need coin laundry in Raleigh NC? Stop by Laundry Express!

Preparing Laundry Before Washing | Coin Laundry Raleigh NC

The most important step in doing the laundry is the Pre-Sorting. Sorting our laundry consists of doing so by color, texture, weight, fabric, and level of dirtiness. It also involves getting the proper load size together. The first place to start is to separate any dry clean only items  from the rest of the wash. Be careful to not accidentally leave any. Doing so could ruin your clothing. Pre-Sort your laundry into the following categories:

  • Color- You will need three basic pile. Whites, darks, and colors. This will keep your colors from bleeding onto whites or lighter colored clothes. Water temperatures will be important here as well.
  • Fabric- Fleece and terry cloth materials should be washed separate from other fabrics. These fabrics tend to leave lint and can deposit it on your other clothes. Some fabrics need hot water to get clean enough such as whites, or denims. These will also need to be washed separate.
  • Weight- Lingerie or other delicates made of silk or labeled hand wash only must be washed on a more gentle cycle in cold waster. Some knits will also require this same hand wash cycle. Never wash these items with jeans. Also take the time to make certain the weight of the clothes will balance in your washing machine. This will mean the difference in cleaning.
  • Soil Level- If you have clothes that are heavily soiled or might have oil or grease on them wash these separately as well. The stains, dirt, oil, and grease can and will travel onto your other clothing and can be really hard to remove later.
  • Always check your garments care label. There is valuable information here.

Preparing your clothes is a next important step. This means emptying all pockets of any items. Close all zippers and hooks. Remove any loose change. Make certain there are no stray ink pens or gum lingering. Check for pins or bows that likely will not make it through a wash cycle.

Pre treat any stains as soon as you possibly can. Also check after laundering to ensure the stain is out. If not treat again. If the item is dried before the stain is removed it can become set and impossible to remove. If some items are heavily soiled or you have stains that need soaked a pre-soak is a great idea. If needed add detergent to the pre-soak cycle and add clothing. At least 15 minutes is needed to pre-soak. Overnight soaks can be used on heavier weight , really dirty clothes.

Once you are ready to begin a load of laundry remember to pack the washer loosely so that the clothing can move freely. This will help your clothes to get as clean as possible. Use the proper detergent and the right amount. Read your label carefully.

Coin Laundry Raleigh NC

Laundry Express can help you with all your laundry needs. We have the best coin laundry and Raleigh NC plus plenty advice to share about all things laundry! Call or visit us in the triangle area today!