Best Laundry Sorting Tips

Let’s face it, in order to do your laundry in Raleigh NC properly there are some things you will need to know. For whatever reason it appears this is a skill set that many in this generation have not learned. Many young adults go off to college and very quickly realize they have no idea how to keep their laundry done properly. Some people figure out their lack of skills when they get married and set up housekeeping. Their lack of laundry skills is a problem. Our next couple of posts will look at sorting the laundry and hopefully give you an idea of laundry basics.

Sorting your clothes is the first step in getting your laundry in Raleigh NC done right. There are many methods for sorting the laundry and this post will give you some ideas on what will work for you. Keep in mind that help you sort your clothes will determine which washing cycle you will need and what water temperature you will use.

The first way of sorting is by color. Here you will look at whites, darks, lights, jeans, and delicates. This is a fairly simple way of sorting the laundry. Make one pile for each color listed. Some of you may want to subdivide into even more categories of clothing but the most used are those we listed. One of the most confusing of these is the delicate pile. This category would have in it any lingerie, silk that can be washed, pantyhose or tights, and any other washable items of clothing that you want to keep from being harshly laundered and possibly damaged.

The next sorting consideration is how much each garment ways. This means taking a look at denim‘s or any other heavy cotton pants and jeans and not mixing those with thin T-shirts or any kind of clothing that could possibly be torn or damaged while being washed with these heavier items. You will also want to consider this when drying the clothes as well.

It is also a good idea while you are sorting the laundry to also look for any items that need to be treated for stains. This does not take very long and can save you a lot of headaches later. Simply take the time to look at your items as you sort locate any of the stains and then just give them a quick spray or rub with some stain remover. If it seems to be a particularly large or harder to remove stains, we recommend putting that item aside to work on later. It is always a good idea to deal with stains ASAP.

Sorting your clothing is not a hard thing to do it does however take just a bit of your time. We recommend looking for a clothes hamper or to where you can easily sort your clothing as you have worn it. One Basket or hamper for whites and one for darks will also make this task much easier as you address your weekly laundry chores.

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