Ways To Live Without A Closet

We humans have some pretty basic needs. Air to breath, food to eat, water to drink, and storage space for all our things. On average we have thousands more things that we use or need in our lives. This leads to larger homes with lots of closet and storage space for all those things we have. Sometimes, however, we have circumstances where our living space must be downsized. Housing costs have become astronomical in some areas of the United States. Today’s apartments and smaller homes do not have the storage space many of us are accustomed to. There is a smaller than normal amount of closet and some have no closets. So how would you deal with the prospect of little to no closet space? This post will look at ways to live without much-needed closet space. Eliminating a closet will help you with your laundry. If you need the best coin laundry in Raleigh NC, stop by Laundry Express!

The first thing to do is purge all unnecessary items from your life. This will, of course, mean clothing. accessories, and shoes. Take a good hard look at all of these items and make three piles. One is for all keepables. These are the things you can not live without. The second pile is for donation. Once you are done with the going thru, make sure this pile goes out! Not in a week or two but as soon as possible. The last pile is for throwaways. This is stained, torn, non-repairable items.

Once this is done you can turn to find creative ways to store items. If possible find a way to store your shoes outside the normal living space. If you have a small porch area or entry a shoe rack can help keep shoes organized and out of the way. One with several shelves will keep them out of your way when you are coming in the door. The mess and dirt they accumulate will also be confined to this are and not all over your house.

Look for bookshelves or other shelving units that can help you get organized. bookshelves can hold many things. Clothing can be folded and placed here. Books, of course, can be stored here but also notebooks, stationery, games, etc..You may really be surprised by what is available on the market today to help you with storage in a smaller area.

Two good ideas to keep in mind are using storage bins. These come in all shapes and sizes and can be tucked out of sight easily. Many are designed to be stored under the bed, There is a lot of storage under the bed to make the best use of it.

Other good ideas are wardrobes if you have the room, storage ottomans or trunks. The ottomans and trunks can also double as furniture throughout the home. Wardrobes also provide tons of extra storage and can be used exclusively as a closet in a space that has no closet. Wall hooks also provide a place for coats, sweaters, and purses.

Using your imagination you can figure out all sorts of ways to gain much-needed storage even in a closet-less home. Visit your local closet solution store for more ideas on this subject.

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