New Years Resolutions for your Home

It is that time of the year when the holiday season is coming to a close and we look ahead. A New Year is upon us and we are most likely looking at making some New Years Resolutions. A New Year presents to us an opportunity to begin anew. We have a clean slate in front of us and we want to make the best of it. Instead of making some huge resolutions or loads of them, how about focusing in on a few really good ones? Look for a couple of really good things you would like to change in the new year and focus your energy there. A good resolution to make concerns our home. These resolutions can help us stay organized, keep our laundry in Raleigh NC clean and fresh, save us time, and make for a more overall clean home. This will also save our sanity!

The best first resolution involves cleaning your home room by room. We are talking about a deep cleansing here. Top to bottom of each room. It is important to only do one room at a time. This will keep you from becoming too overwhelmed. We suggest beginning with the living room since that is where the clutter of Christmas is. If you have not already taken down the decorations then begin there. The tree must also be taken down and disposed of or stored till next year. Once that is done then all the paper and trash needs to go.

Once the decorations are done you can begin cleaning. In each room, you will dust, scrub, sweep or vacuum, rinse and repeat as is necessary. We do mean a really deep clean. Ceilings, walls,  and baseboards should all get a good cleaning. Of course, there will be rooms that require more cleaning than others. The kitchen is the largest job. Just remember to take it one room at a time. Do not move on until each is complete.

The next area to get you more organized is going to require some discipline. Once cleaned you will need to start purging. Purging involves removing things from the home that you do not need or use. This is where the discipline comes in. Take a good look around each room and see it as a guest would. Are those decorative items you have had forever still bringing you joy? If not they should leave your home. Move room by room again. This may seem to take longer but we promise you will not tire yourself out or become overwhelmed. The kitchen with all its cabinets, pantry’s and storage may take more than one day. This is fine. Take the time you need to complete the job before moving on.

When you move on to the closets and drawers do not take out more than you can deal with at that time. It is really easy to make a lot of huge piles of clothing and get worn out before the job is done. Do one closet at a time, one drawer at a time. We promise this will keep you from tiring out and not getting the job done.

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New Years Resolutions are a good thing as long as you have a plan. If you find your laundry in Raleigh NC to be a little overwhelming after the holidays, you are not alone. The great news is that laundry Express can help! Give us a try today. We can help you get your laundry under control in the new year. Call us or visit our location today!


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