Making Your Washer and Dryer Last Longer

Our washers and dryers are something that we tend to take for granted. If you are single or if you have a family the laundry routine is one, we just grow accustomed to. Have you ever given any thought to how to make your washer and your dryer last as long as possible? This post will offer tips on how to keep your washer and your dryer working top notch and how to get more life out of them. If you need a Raleigh laundromat stop by Laundry Express!

First, let’s look at washers. Over the last 10 to 15 years there have been some really awesome advances in washers. When you go to look for a new washer you will see there are many options available in today’s markets. There are top loaders, front loaders, newer more modern colors, and all kinds of options available for the running of the machine. The following are some really good ways to keep your washer running as long as possible.

Laundry Tips | Raleigh Laundromat

  • Take the time to clean your washer after each load. Make certain to remove any dirt or accumulated lint from the washer screens. You will find these usually where the hoses attach to your water supply. Keeping these clean of any dirt or grease it will ensure you have the right water flow into your washing machine.
  • Make certain that your washer is level on the surface in which it sits. If your washer is not level it can cause vibration and shaking of your machine. Your clothing will not wash properly. It will also mean more wear and tear on your washer.
  • Never fill your washer too full. There will be recommendations from the manufacturer of the washer on how much it should hold for a load of laundry. If you place too many items of clothes per load it will cause the machine to become overstuffed. This means your laundry will not get as clean as it should. It can also mean that your washer will not have the same life expectancy.
  • Always make sure that you use the right detergent and the right amount of detergent in your loads of clothes. Today’s washers sometimes need specific types of detergent such as high efficiency detergent to perform well. If you use too much detergent this will cause your machine to work extra hard and it can also mean more rinse cycles making the wash time longer. This can cost you money and energy but also can cause the washer to work harder costing you money, energy, and more wear on your washer.

For your dryer, use these tips to keep it in good shape.

  • Always make certain to not overload the dryer. Clothes will take way longer to dry. This will cause wear and tear of your dryer.
  • Always clean the lint screen before each new load is added. A good habit is to do it after you remove the newly dried load. This way it is ready for the next. Not cleaning the lint screen can be dangerous as a fire can result.
  • Take the time to clean your dryer inside and out to make certain it runs properly.

These tips work at our Raleigh laundromat, as well as, in your home! Stop by Laundry Express if you need the best washers and dryers in your area!

All of these tips can help your washer and dryer to stay in great shape and have a long life expectancy. Our Raleigh laundromat knows your time at home with family is valuable. Doing the laundry can be time consuming. We can help you with all things laundry. Come by and check out our state of the are laundry facility here in the Triangle area. We can help you get caught up as quickly as possible and get you back to doing things that are much more fun! Call us today!


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