Tips For Laundry Haters

lavanderia raleigh ncFor most of us, the #1 most hated “chore” we have to do is Laundry. If it is not the absolute most hated it will more than likely be in your top three. Laundry can completely overwhelm and consume us if we are not on top of it. Many times, we need to visit the local lavanderia in Raleigh NC for help.

Tips for Laundry Haters | Lavanderia Raleigh NC

We are sure there are times that you could wash and dry clothes the entire day and will need to start over the next day as well. If you have a typical sized family you will more than likely be doing 8-10 loads of laundry in a week.

If your family is larger then you are certainly doing more loads than that. If you hate the laundry chore and would like to gain back a little of the time laundry steals from you then this blog is for you. Let’s look at some awesome tips and shortcuts to help you get a handle on this much dreaded chore.

Hate the sorting chore? You are probably not surprised to know there are folks who sort and many who do not. If you are a sorters then you will divide the laundry into several different loads. ┬áThis will usually be whites, colors, and dark’s. If you are a non-sorter, of course, that’s self-explanatory. If you are hesitant to do laundry because of the sorting issue then by all means ask yourself how important this step really is for you. Clothing that has been sorted will more than likely be cleaner and stay newer looking longer but if you are a busy family with small children then it’s OK to not sort. The clothes will get clean but be careful about anything that might bleed color onto the wash.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to laundry is forgetting to boot it into the dryer or leaving clothing in the dryer to long. This can cause us to have to rewash a load of clothing again because of deep wrinkling or mildew is setting in from leaving it in the washer too long. This just cause us more anxiety and stress. Use these tips to help you remember:

Tips | Lavanderia Raleigh NC

  • Throw in a load of laundry before bedtime. Use the timer feature to start the load an hour or two before your normal wake up time. As soon as you are up and about boot that load to the dryer. After breakfast check to see if its dry and fold and hang items quickly.
  • Timers can work as well. Many of us have a built-in one on the kitchen stove or you can purchase a mobile one. Use your phone if needed.

If hanging and folding the laundry is the thing you hate most then find the right area to do this chore. Only fold the most important things. No one will see wrinkled underwear so don’t stress about that to much. Enlist the family to help with the folding and also the putting away of your laundry. Small children will learn early on about how to do the laundry and will get better at it over time. Make the putting away a non-negotiable in your household.

Laundry Express | Lavanderia Raleigh NC

We cannot emphasis enough how a laundry routine in which you do a load of laundry, start to finish, everyday of the week will be a huge help to you. If you need help with getting your family’s laundry under control Laundry Express can help! We offer wash-dry-fold services for your convenience. Come by and check out our lavanderia in Raleigh NC, today!


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