Best Time Saving Laundry Tips

laundry raleigh ncLet’s face it!  Laundry in Raleigh NC is one of those everyday chores that seems endless.  It is the single most time consuming chore we have and many times we think we will never see the end of it.  Honestly if we wear clothes everyday, and we do, then it is never ending.  If you have small children then it is a given you will do at least one load a day or more. This blog post will offer some great tips to save you some time when it comes to your laundry needs.

Best Tips for Laundry in Raleigh NC

The first hurdle is to have a good space for your laundry room or area. Taking the time to organize this area will save you so much time. Once it is organized in the way you need it then make sure it stays that way. We promise this tip alone will save you much stress when it comes to doing the laundry.

We cannot place enough emphasis on one load a day, everyday, start to finish. This is the best way to keep the chaos of laundry under control. If it is allowed to get out of control then your job will be that much harder. Staying on top of the laundry will help you maintain a sense of control and stress-free.

Investing in the right kind of laundry hampers or baskets will also help keep things under control. Teach family members how to sort their laundry into these divided hampers. It will be easier for you to grab a load that is ready and eliminate the extra time sorting takes. Make certain to explain the lights, colors, and dark’s sorting system to them and why it is important. Some have found that one white basket and one colored basket can keep the sorting as simple as possible. Whites go into the white basket. Colors to the colored one.

When it comes to actually doing the laundry in Raleigh NC make certain you have a fully stocked laundry. Take the time to find detergents that can do-it-all. This means the detergent you choose can handle all levels of dirt and grime. It will also work in all temperatures. Many of you choose to wash in cold water to save money and energy. Most detergents work well in cold water even those that are more eco-friendly. Many of the newer pod type detergents also contain detergent, stain remover, and a brightener all in one. These can save you a lot of time since they are simply tossed in along with your clothes. No measuring at all.

You will also want to choose a fabric softener, dryer sheet, or the eco-friendly dryer balls method of reducing static in the drying process of doing laundry. All of these methods will work well. Another important step is stain removal. Teach your family how important it is to treat stains as soon as possible. Doing so will keep stains from setting in and possibly ruining the clothing item beyond repair.

In speaking about ruining your clothing we must also point out that it is important to clean your washer and dryer every few months. Yes that machine that is supposed to clean your laundry needs some maintenance once in a while. There can be soap buildup, excess dirt, and in the dryer lint that can pose problems with not only your laundry but the working of your machines.

As we all know laundry in Raleigh NC can be the most time consuming and yes-boring chore we have. Following these tips will help you save some of that all important time we need when we have a family to take care of. Laundry Express can help you regain some of that time. Call us today!


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