Fun Laundry Facts

Last post we noted that sometimes we only think we have a lot of laundry to do. In fact, we are finding that is not the case. Along with discovering those who have way more laundry in Raleigh NC than we do we began discovering some really interesting facts about laundry. We will continue that discussion in this blog post as well.

In more modern-day time the average family here in the United States is estimated to do a whopping 8 to 10 loads of laundry per week. Doing just one load of laundry in Raleigh NC all the way through from wash to dry averages one hour and 27 minutes per load. Into days home most use a dryer that is either electric or gas powered. The clothesline is only used about 21.2% of households to dry their clothing.

  • A really fun fact to use for comparison is that to do the same amount of laundry that is done at Walt Disney world we would have to step up our game. It is estimated that if we did one load of laundry per day for the next 44 years we would do as much laundry as they do at Disney in one day. It is estimated that an average of 285,000 pounds of laundry is washed each day. The dry cleaning alone is estimated to be between 30,030 2000 pieces of clothing a day.
  • A little-known laundry fact is that for 50 years laundry was being mailed back-and-forth across the country. This is because many college students were mailing their dirty clothes home to their mothers who would wash and press their clothing and then mail it back to them. The United States postal service provided this service with reusable boxes. When washing machines came along and were more readily available in the 1960s, laundry mail soon came to an end. However, this certainly has never stopped college students from bringing their laundry home for their mothers to wash today.
  •  Speaking of washing machines did you know that the very first washing machine came about in 1782 in Great Britain. H. Sidger invented a rod cage that could be cranked. He is largely credited with inventing the first laundry machine. The first mass-marketed washing machine that came to the United States was known by the name of THOR. This washing machine was produced in 1908 by the Hurley machine company. This first machine was made of chains and Wood.
  •  A really interesting fun fact about laundry concerns underwear. Did you know that astronauts send their dirty underwear out of the space ship into the earth’s atmosphere where it is incinerated? Also, Walt Disney World employees were at one time issued their underwear by the company. This underwear was then shared by the laundry system. After a big outbreak of scabies and lice it was decided that workers would be issued their own undergarments and would take them home and launder them themselves.

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