Building the Perfect Laundry Room Part One

What does your laundry area look like in your home? Unfortunately, in most homes, you will find the laundry room relegated to what looks like the darkest hole in the home. In many home builds, it almost seems the contractor or home designer gave little to no thought about the amount of time and energy a family spends on doing their laundry each week. Laundry is one of those areas where when building a new home build, much attention needs to be given to where it will be located. Over the next couple of blog posts, we will look at building and/or re-designing a functional laundry room or area in a home.

In this post, let’s take a look at a list of things that would make your laundry room functional and easy to use.

Perfect Laundry Room Characteristics | Coin Laundry Raleigh NC

  • The first thing to look at is size. Many laundry rooms are built to be long and somewhat narrow. Make your laundry room as wide as you can get by with. You will want to not only get into the room with your baskets of clothing but room to turn around and to not be encumbered by things that are just sitting around.
  • Another great idea is to have good rod space. This will give you somewhere to hang clothing as it comes out of the dryer and then ready to go into the closet. It also gives you a place to hang clothing that needs to air dry. This will help with the wear and tear on your laundry.
  • Because laundry rooms are often put in faraway places, they do not have a great deal of light. Add as large a window or several windows as you can to bring in natural light. This will give you enough light to help you actually do the laundry. You will be able to see the stains and clothing items that need your attention much better.
  • If possible, something that is often requested for many families is a closet that is placed inside of the laundry room. This is a great area in which to store cleaning implements. Things such as your ironing board, broom, vacuum cleaner, or mop. This is really important when it comes to having good storage inside the laundry room as well as the other areas of the home. This keeps everything organized into one place.
  • When it comes to an ironing board if you have the chance to help with the design of a laundry room concealed ironing board is a really good idea. The ironing board and iron are concealed into a cabinet within the walls of the room. When the door is shut, the laundry room is much neater, without the iron and ironing board in the way.
  • Give a great deal of thought to the cabinetry or wall-mounted shelves that you will want to have in your laundry room. This can hold all of your laundry detergent, stain remover‘s, fabric softener’s, and other items needed to do your laundry efficiently. If you prefer open shelving, then decide how many you will need and what other items such as baskets you will want to organize your laundry supplies.

Laundry Express | Coin Laundry Raleigh NC

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