Building The Perfect Laundry Room Part 2

In our last post, we began looking at or maybe dreaming of the perfect laundry room. The truth is most of us have a tiny little area of our home where the washer and dryer are located. It is not always a convenient area and can be drab and certainly dark. For whatever reason, it seems this is one of the most used places in the home but got the absolute least amount of attention in the planning. If you have an opportunity to plan a new home build or a home remodel maybe you can design your perfect laundry area. If so we have more great ideas and tips for you. If you do not have this opportunity, maybe some of our tips can help you refresh the area. Then, laundry in Raleigh NC won’t be so drab and boring!

One item that is often overlooked in a laundry room design is a sink. This is a great addition in this area so that you can remove stains more easily. It will be easier to soak laundry items that need a little more work to get the stains out. It is also a perfect way to gain more storage underneath with cabinetry. The countertop surrounding it will also give you more folding room as well.

As we mentioned in the previous post there are a lot of creative ways to store your ironing board and iron. There is cabinetry that will conceal it in the wall. There are also racks for the back of the door as well. Having this already established in the laundry room means you have a convenient place to keep clothes ironed and ready to go.

Having the proper baskets and laundry bins will also ensure your laundry room is organized well. Take some time to really think out your laundry routine. Even a small space can function well if it is properly organized. Your family, as well as your routine, is unique. Shop around for the right things to make your laundry routine as efficient as possible.

If you are a crafter the laundry room can do double duty. If you design it large enough it can hold and organize all of your crafting items. Sewing machines, material, and even gift wrap can all be stored properly. If you consider thoroughly what you need for the family you can certainly design a room that works well for all your needs.

Considering the amount of time you spend doing your family’s laundry in Raleigh NC daily, weekly, and monthly, make this room as attractive as possible. Adding a great curtain to dress up the room or a cool rug can make it aesthetically welcoming. Find some color that brings this room to life and makes you want to do laundry there. Some pops of color through artwork can help you do this.

Just because the laundry is a tedious, time consuming chore does not mean the laundry room does not need to be uninviting. We hope you can find ways from our tips to design one that is inviting and one you are proud of.

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