Top Loading Washers without an Agitator 101

Over the last several blog posts we have been looking at the basics of washers in today’s market place. We have seen the basics of front loaders, top loaders with an agitator, and now we will look at top loaders without an agitator. These machines are still relatively new in the market. They are gaining in popularity as they seem to offer the best of both worlds when it comes to washers. Need the best coin-op laundry in Raleigh NC and services from our laundromat? Stop by today!

First, because they lack an agitator, these new washers are considered high efficiency (HE) washers. This means they offer better water efficiency and energy efficiency than those with an agitator. They also spin faster which means more water is extracted and drying time is far less than with an agitator style washer. There are many more benefits to a newer high efficiency top loading washer.

  • Although the average wash cycle is longer, 60-80 minutes, the newer washers use less water to clean an average size laundry load and less energy. This can mean huge savings to the average family over the life of the washer.
  • Most top loader washers without an agitator are also larger. This means a larger load of laundry can be done. Most are now taller as well. Most claim to hold 4.5 cubic feet which means things like a king sized comforter can be washed in them. A word of caution when it comes to taller. This means a shorter person or children might find it really hard to get the clothing out at the end of the cycle. Many consumers find they must resort to various other ways to reach the clothing at the bottom of this taller washer. You may want to test this out before purchasing.
  • Although these washers have no agitator they are still harder on fabrics. The cycles are longer and this alone can cause fabrics to wear more quickly.
  • You will need to use care in loading these washers. They can become unbalanced and cause error messages when the load is not even. To prevent this problem use care when putting in a load. Distribute the weight as evenly as possible and do not overload your washer.
  • Tangling of your clothing can also be an issue. If you are washing linens and bedding this can be an even bigger issue. Just remember to place these items into your washer carefully.
  • When it comes to detergents and fabric softeners you will want to make certain to use HE products only. These have been specifically determined to work best in all high efficiency washers.

As you can see there are many options available in today’s market when it comes to washers. Always do your homework and make sure you ask plenty of questions. Only you will know which one is right for your family. Doing the laundry is a constant chore that requires lots of time. Picking a washer that saves you money and time is critical.

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