Easy Laundry Detergent Substitutes

We have all been there. You gather the laundry up. Get it sorted and loaded into the washer. Open the cabinet and boom, no laundry detergent! You meant to write it on the grocery list but somehow it slipped your mind. Or someone else in the family used the last of it and forgot to tell you. Yes, we have all been there. Luckily for us, all this post will address what to do in a pinch to get the laundry done anyway. Our laundry services in Raleigh NC can help you get all your loads of clothing done, as well! Stop by if you need us.

Here are some great ideas for getting one more load done before your next shopping run:

  • If you still have the empty bottle of liquid detergent fill it up with some warm water. Next, give it a good couple of shakes. This should give you enough for one load of laundry. Just empty the entire thing into the washer. If you use powdered detergent, no problem. This can also be done in a box. Just be a little more careful when you stir it up. Most of us have a tendency to use too much detergent per load. In the modern high efficiency washing machines two teaspoons will clean an entire load of laundry really well. The washer’s agitation and the water will do the bulk of the cleaning. Be sure to pre-treat stains for the best clean. As always use the correct water temperature for the best clean.
  • If you use this method be sure to add some kind of enhancers like baking soda or a borax. Usually one-half a cup is the right amount. This will boost the detergent and help ensure your clothing gets as clean as possible. Put the booster into the washer before you add the clothes and detergent. The correct order would be the booster, detergent, garments, and then the water.

Stop by soon for more great tips that can help you do laundry in a pinch when you’re out of detergent!

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