Odd Stain Removal Treatments that Work! Part 1

If you wear clothing – and we all do! – then you know that stains are inevitable. If you have children it is certainly a part of your daily life. Sometimes the stains are just routine and easily solved. Other times the stain can be much more difficult and will require more ingenuity. The best way to be ready for treating stains is to prepare ahead of time. This means stocking your laundry room with stain removers and laundry detergent boosters. Having these at the ready increases your chances of getting your stained garments looking as good as new. You can also rely on our laundry service in Raleigh NC!

Stain Removal | Laundry Service Raleigh NC


The next couple of blog posts will look at what you can do to remove stains if you are not as prepared as you would like to be. These tips will contain some odd stain removal items to treat your laundry stains in a pinch.

A laundry room standby for many families is the blue dishwashing soap. This can be found in many big box stores. This soap is great for removing grease from any item. On your clothing, it can remove tough grease stains quickly. To use simply rub a small amount of the soap directly on to the stain. Rub it in well on both sides of the fabric. Let this soak for a while and then launder as usual.

Hairspray is not just for keeping your hair in place. It can be used in a pinch to remove ink stains as well. When you have an ink stain or permanent marker accident spray the stain liberally. In most cases, the stain will disappear immediately. If not rinse and spray again. Launder the garment as usual.

A really odd stain remover is artificial sweetener. Yes, those little packs of sweetener many of us carry around in our purse for adding to our tea. This trick is perfect for grease stains. If you find grease popping out while you are cooking and getting spots on your clothes grab a pack. Use the artificial sweetener to blot at the grease stain. This substance can pull the oil out of your clothes pretty quickly. The trick is to do this as fast as possible to ensure the oil is removed from the fabric. Another great reason for carrying those little packs around with you!

In all cases, we suggest checking the garment for stain removal after laundering. Never put the item or items in question into the dryer without making certain the stain is gone. This will set the stain and it will be more than likely permanent. This can cost you lots of money as you have to replace the ruined clothing. We recommend never skipping this all-important step in doing the laundry.

Being prepared for stain removal is key if you want to keep your families clothing looking as good as it can be. Laundry Express knows your time at home with family is valuable. Doing the laundry can be time-consuming. We can help you with all things laundry. We can help with stain removal advice as well. Come by and check out our state of the art laundry service in Raleigh NC, here in the Triangle area. We can help you get caught up as quickly as possible and get you back to doing things that are much more fun! Call us today!


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