Laundry Tips, continued

Welcome back! We have more great tips for your laundry in Raleigh NC that you will want to try out. These might seem like a well kept secret after you read them, but don’t worry. You can use them every time you wash and dry now!

One tip that we cannot stress enough is to treat stains before they have a chance to say it. Always take the time to blot any liquids from the outside in so that they will not spread. Keep a formula made to treat stains handy and make sure that all of your family members know how to use it. Once you have treated the stains and they have gone through a wash cycle check them thoroughly. Never place an item into the dryer that still has a stain. Heat will set the stain and it will become permanent. This tip for laundry in Raleigh NC will be a life saver when it comes to stain removal!

We all want our clothes to smell really good once they are clean. If you do not like using dryer sheets however, you can try making your own. Essential Oils are a good way to make your own dryer sheets. You can use old terrycloth washcloths or diapers. Simply add your favorite essential oil to the cloth and throw it in the dryer. This will make all of your clothes smell awesome. The great news is there are hundreds of smells to choose from.

Keeping your laundry area organized and fully stocked with all you need will also help your laundry chores to go easier and certainly faster. Spend a few hours cleaning the area and figuring out what will help this dreaded chore flow better for the entire family.

If you are looking for help with your laundry in Raleigh NC, look no more. Our laundromat is in the triangle area and you will love it. Don’t hesitate to give Laundry Express a try. We have state of the art laundry machines. We also offer wash, dry, fold services for your convenience. Call today or visit our store.


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