Keeping the Holiday Spirit for Home Organizing, Part One

We are not sure about you, but we definitely feel that Christmas seems to get here quicker and quicker every year. This is one time of the year that we can get overwhelmed with all that we have to do to be ready for the holidays. If you find yourself overwhelmed, the next couple of blog posts are for you. Our laundromat in Raleigh NC will look at ways to stay more on top of our everyday chores such as laundry. We will also include tips on other household chores that will help us navigate the holidays in a more organized way.

Our first tip is to take some time to organize all of your regular chores into a good list. You can do this by taking a small spiral bound notebook and organizing your chores by day of the week. These are the things you know you must stay on top off in order to keep your sanity over the coming days. Once you have identified the things you must do then start a new list of the things you will need to do to get organized for Christmas. Add things in like shopping, cooking, baking, and holiday visiting.

Next, you will want to figure out how to best combine the two lists. Our best suggestion is to look ahead on your calendar to see when these special events will happen. Outline the different visits and holiday parties that you will either host or attend. Take special note of any extra baking or cooking you will need to do and note them on your list.

Once you have these lists made begin a third which you will use to note special baking items you will need to buy at the grocery store. If you begin this list early enough, you will save yourself time by purchasing items each time you go to the grocery. This way you will be able to take advantage of store sales and hopefully save yourself money. This is the time of the year that grocery stores will have special sales on basic cooking and baking items. It is a good time to stock up for the winter and this too will save you time and money in the long run.

You will certainly want to keep on top of your laundry during the holiday season. Doing a load of laundry a day from start to finish is a good trick to implement this time of year. This can help you begin to organize the family’s laundry and hopefully be ready for some tips that we will have a future blog about getting off on the right foot with your laundry during the new year.

Head over to our next blog for more tips on how you can orgainze your home with the holiday spirit in mind!

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