Keeping Clothes Bright At The Laundromat

When it comes to keeping your clothing as bright and new looking as possible there are some tricks of the trade you can use. Of course, having the time to take proper care of your clothes is most important. However, we understand that sometimes circumstances mean you will have to use a Raleigh laundromat instead of a home laundry. The good news is that you will be able to use these tips in a laundromat setting or at home.

One of the best tips we can offer is one that should be simple. A key to keeping the colors of your clothing from looking at faded and no longer bright is to actually wash your items as little as possible. This will mean that you take proper care of your items as they are worn. When you do launder them do so in as gentle a way as possible. Some clothing items will do better by being hand washed and not dried in a dryer. We also realize that some of these tips seem impractical. Most of us do not have the time it takes to hand wash and line dry. We can learn how to adjust and keep our close looking as broad as possible at the Raleigh laundromat.

  • When preparing your clothing for laundering take the time to turn your clothes inside and out. This will help prevent the washing machine and dryer from producing wear and tear on your clothing while it is being laundered. If you decide to learn dryer outside this will become really important as the sun can actually remove color from your clothing.
  • Always wash your clothes in cold water. Unlike detergent’s in the past today’s laundry detergent will work just as well in cold water temperatures as they do in a hotter temperature.
  • Always take the time to sort your clothing before you leave for the laundromat. Also, keep in mind that dark colors will fade more if they are not laundered with like colors.
  • Taking the time to read the care label inside your laundry items will also ensure your clothing does not fade in the wash. This is where you will locate the best instructions for washing your clothing.
  • Adding white vinegar to your rinse cycle can also prevent colors from fading. There is no need to worry about the smell as the vinegar will fade away in the wash.
  • When it comes to setting the cycle on your washer always choose a gentle or hand wash cycle. This is also true for drying your clothing. Overdrying is bad for all of your laundry but particularly for bright clothing.

If you follow the steps at the Raleigh laundromat your clothing will stay as bright and new looking as possible. Taking a little extra time to prepare your clothing will go a long way in keeping your clothing as good looking as possible.

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